Virtual Team Meeting


Shinnenkai: Welcoming a New Era of International Learning and Engagement in Asia

Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 9:00am JST
(Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 7:00pm EST)

Format: Seminar
Length: 75 minutes
Cost: FREE

Language: English
*Limited to members of the JPN-COIL Association, IIGE COIL Partner Institutions, IIGE Membership Agreement Institutions, and APAIE

In the spirit of welcoming in a new year, this interactive seminar will encourage participants to look forward to a new era of international higher education in Asia. 

Representatives of some of the leading institutions and organizations in the region will discuss new directions in international higher education specific to the region and their advice on how to pursue emerging opportunities and navigate some of the challenges that lay ahead. Participants will be challenged to set ambitious leadership goals for the year ahead.

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Masahiko Gemma, Ph.D. (Japan)
Swati Sahasrabudhe (India)

Abdul Latiff Bin Ahmad, Ph.D. (Malaysia)

Sabrina Daud, Ph.D. (Brunei)

Randal Nadeau, Ph.D. (Taiwan)

David Au, (Hong Kong)

Masahiko Gemma

Director, APAIE

Professor and Vice President for International Affairs, Waseda University

Received Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1989. Worked at International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ) as economist for 1989-1991. Joined the faculty of Waseda University in 1993 after serving as a faculty member at Yokohama City University for 1991-1993. Has been serving as director of the Institute of Japan-US Studies at Waseda University since 2008. For 2016-2018 served as director of Organization for Regional and Inter-regional Studies (ORIS). Has been an APAIE director, vice president for international affairs at Waseda University and president of U.S. Japan Research Institute (USJI) in Washington, D.C. since 2018.

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Swati Sahasrabudhe

HEAD-International Initiatives,

Symbiosis Centre for International Education

Swati Sahasrabudhe heads the International Initiatives and Collaborations at Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) at Symbiosis International University. She has played a key role in increasing institutional capacity to identify and undertake internationally collaborative projects including research and educational partnerships.She also handles the International Rankings and Accreditation portfolio at the University. Her contribution in framing policies and procedures has promoted internationalisation at the University. She has been instrumental in establishing collaborations for facilitating student and Faculty mobility, COIL and virtual exchanges, internships and Study India Programs. She has been a speaker and mentor at the DAAD-DIES- "Project on Management of Internationalisation" and participated in Webinars on "Internationalisation of Higher Education".She has published papers on this topic and her research interests are Internationalisation of Higher Education, Rankings, Quality and Benchmarking.

Abdul Latiff Bin Ahmad

Director, International Relations Centre (UKM Global)

Associate Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Abdul Latiff Bin Ahmad is the Director of the International Relations Centre

(UKM Global) and an Associate Professor in the Centre of Research in Media

and Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti

Kebangsaan Malaysia. He obtained his PhD in Communication Studies from

University of Queensland, Australia. He is currently the Malaysian Regional

Vice President for the World Communication Association. He is also a

Fulbright Alumni. His research interests include intercultural communication

and internationalization. He has led research grants and consultancy project

from Toshiba International Foundation, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia,

Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, SHARE EU and the Central Bank of


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Sabrina Daud

Director of Global Relations

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Sabrina Daud is currently the Director of Global Relations at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and has been involved in managing the university’s international partnerships and international student mobility since 2015. During this time, UBD has placed consistently in the Top 5 of QS Asia University Rankings for Inbound and Outbound Student Exchange. Sabrina also teaches economics at the UBD School of Business and Economics and graduated

with a PhD in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Randall Nadeau

Executive Director, Fulbright Taiwan

Dr. Randall Nadeau has served as Executive Director of the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan) since August 2019. Before joining FSE, Dr. Nadeau enjoyed an academic career as a Distinguished Professor of Religion at Trinity University, Texas, spanning twenty-five years. Under Dr. Nadeau’s leadership, FSE promotes cross-cultural connections between Taiwan and the U.S., while advancing the diversity and inclusiveness of the Fulbright community, through educational and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and U.S. primary and secondary schools, universities, institutions of higher learning, research centers, cultural organizations, and government ministries.

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David Au_Profile.jpg

David Au

Project Manager, VolTra

Daivd Au is currently the Project Manager in VolTra Hong Kong, an non-governmental organization that aims to encourage international collaboration and youth empowerment. With his experience of developing Internaional Student Exchange Programme in Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy, he joined VolTra in 2019 as a role of coordinating global volunteer project.  Under "New Era" of travel limitation around the globe, David led the team of VolTra to develop innovative and diverse ways to promote international learning and engagement. More than 87,537 students/ youth from over 102 countries around the world has experienced VolTra’s international exchange and development programme.